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8x10 Prints: $2500.00 Each
Shipping and Insurance Inclusive

11x14 Prints: $3000.00 Each
Shipping and Insurance Inclusive

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, Each Individually
Numbered And Hand-Signed By Angelo Victor Mercure.
Every Print Is Individually Prepared From
FLAWLESS ORIGINAL NEGATIVES which do NOT contain the stamped copyright notice visible on the photographic samples exhibited inside this site. These are museum-quality exhibition prints. Each print is hand-signed and hand-numbered by Angelo Victor Mercure in limited editions of only 25 prints per image. No more images (of these particular editions) will ever be printed. Once the twenty-five count has been reached, the negatives will be DESTROYED.

Professional Printing Specs:
Fuji Crystal Archival Paper
Fuji Frontier Processing

No digital manipulation is used at any stage of the printmaking process.

For Further Information, Please Email Me,
Angelo Victor Mercure, Personally At:

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