Angelo Victor Mercure


"Angelo, I really enjoy your work."
- Cara Weston

"Very capable work, Angelo."
- John Szarkowski

"Your work is wonderful. The infrared photography is superlative."
- Sarah Saudek

"Mr. Mercure, your fine art images are outstanding and demonstrate a keen eye and an excellent technique."
- John Scanlan, Director/Curator, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Angelo, I have total faith in you and in your work."
- John McKendry

"Excellent photography."
- Carl Siembab

"I greet you at the beginning of your wonderful career, Angelo."
- Peter Hujar

"What a career you have had! Great photography."
- Daniel Milnor, Fine Art Photographer

"I visited your website and it is very nice. Your images are excellent."
- Don Charlton, Fine Art Photographer

"Hello, Angelo. I enjoy your photography. My very best thoughts to you!"
- Shannon Taggart, Fine Art Photographer

"Keep up the excellent work."
- Morten Nilsson, Fine Art Photographer

"Your unique way of seeing says it all."
- Ted Hartwell, Fine Art Photographer

"Angelo Victor Mercure is an exceptional artist of unquestionable integrity."
- Bob Carlos Clarke

"Angelo, I really enjoy your photography."
- Jack Neubart, Editor, Shutterbug Magazine

"Your show was the best thing to happen to my gallery."
- Hilton Ariel Ruiz, Director/Curator, Chrystie Street Gallery, NYC, NY

"Sales of Mercure's work made my year!"
- Sarah Reichman, Director/Curator, Galleria Scala, La Jolla, CA

"Heavy themes. Heavy talent."
- Todd Kaplan, Director/Curator, Todd Kaplan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Angelo, I will always be proud to have represented you."
- Rita Dean, Director/Curator, Rita Dean Gallery, San Diego, CA

"Mercure's work is dark, grim, ruthless and yet it pulsates with a surge of life that is unforgettable."
- Edward De Celle, Director/Curator, Lawson-DeCelle Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Truly superior work."
- Alec Soth, Fine Art Photographer

"Way to go, Angelo."
- Todd Deutsch, Fine Art Photographer

"Great photography."
- Donald Weber, Fine Art Photographer

"Angelo, I love your work."
- Marcus Leatherdale, Fine Art Photographer

"I find your work very interesting. I like it."
- Jim Herrington, Fine Art Photographer

"Angelo, your pictures are amazing and startling. You are one tough, talented hombre."
- Les Krims, Venus In Furs

"Angelo, I am not the least bit surprised in regard to your success."
- Barbara Nitke, Fine Art Photographer

"Your fine art images bring to mind the works of Frank Sutcliffe and Thomas Eakins."
- J.P. Fields, Photographer/Professor, University of Kentucky

"Keep up the good work, Angelo."
- Vincent Dixon, Fine Art Photographer

"Great photography."
- Stuart Allen, Fine Art Photographer

"Angelo, my best to you."
- Joy Christiansen, Fine Art Photographer

"I enjoy your work."
- Angelo DiStefano, Esquire

"Your wonderful photography brings to mind the very best work of Larry Clark and Diane Arbus."
- John Ramirez, Artsource Newsletter

"Thank you, Angelo. I very much appreciate your exquisite images."
- Roger Ballen, Documentary Photographer

"I love your work."
- Justin Ocean, Listings Editor, Next Magazine

"When it comes to fine art photography, Angelo Victor Mercure is at the top of the winner's list."
- Peter Czernich, Editor/Publisher, Marquis Magazine

"My best regards!"
- Jurgen Boedt, Editor/Publisher, Secret Magazine

"Angelo, I like what I see here. Your work strikes my fancy. I predict that you will
continue to enjoy great success."
- Jack Slomovits, Fine Art Photographer

"Stunning work. Refreshingly different. I like Mercure's style."
- Dave Roberts, President, G&M Fashions, Ltd.

"Congratulations! I wish you the very best."
- Tony Ward, Obsessions

"Rare. Fascinating."
- China Hamilton, The Cabinet of Dark Things

"Thanks so much for the photo. I've posted it above my desk!"
- Steve Diet Goedde, The Beauty of Fetish

"Thank you for sharing your powerful images with me."
- Steven Speliotis, Asia Bondage

"Thank you very much for the fantastic photo. I love the feel of it. Very nicely printed."
- Lee Higgs, Generation Fetish

"Amazing. Special."
- Gaetan Caputo, Fashion Photographer

"I love your photos. Your work projects a formidable, unified vision."
- David McCairley, Photographer/Author

"Nice photos, Angelo."
- Robert Chouraqui, Esclaves De Corde Et De Metal

"Very interesting. I admire your photography."
- Kenneth J. Harvey, The Town That Forgot To Breathe

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